img_5595Cori has been writing all her life. She’s tried a little bit of everything, but has now settled comfortably between picture books and middle grade fiction.

Cori grew up in Minnesota. After she graduated with a BA in English, she managed a toy store.  That’s right, folks, she got to tell people what to do AND play with toys for a living! That was fun for a bit, but eventually she grew tired of retail life. So, she packed up her things and her cat, and moved to England to pursue an MA in Creative Writing for Children at the University of Winchester.

Along with writing children’s stories, Cori has been dabbling in creating an unusual alter-ego in the form of a pigeon on twitter. If you’re on twitter and are interested in what a pigeon has to say, follow: @TweeterPigeons

This website will mostly be used as a platform for Cori to write about books and writing. But some of her own characters plan on stopping by from time to time with their own guest posts. 🙂